How to Prepare Your Home for a Visit from the In-Laws
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English: Picture taken by Tod Tanis of the Guest Bedroom at Highgrove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It can be very stressful preparing a home for visitors, but some guests cause more problems than others. If you are expecting guests imminently, of course you are going to tidy up and make sure everything is ship-shape. You might even decorate the spare bedroom if your guests are staying for a few days.

Since you probably want to impress the in-laws if this is the first time they are coming to visit, it is a good idea to do everything in your power to make sure your home looks like a million dollars. After all, these people might end up being part of your life for a good few years and making a bad impression now will not bode well for future relations.

Do a Deep Clean

It goes without saying that you should make absolutely certain that your home is cleaned to within an inch of its life before the in-laws visit. A grubby home implies a slovenly attitude, which is never a good attribute for a son or daughter in-law. So if your in-laws are the type of people who go around inspecting the tops of picture frames for dust, go the extra mile and clean like youve never cleaned before. And if you are desperate to make a good impression or you dont have time to gut the place, consider hiring someone else to do the job on your behalf.

Revamp the Guest Bedroom

If your in-laws are only staying for a few stressful hours, you can breathe a sigh of relief, throw all the clutter into the spare room and close the door on it until they have departed. Unfortunately, if your in-laws are planning on staying for a day or two, you will have to make ready the guest bedroom and throw your clutter elsewhere. To give the guest bedroom a new lease of life, buy some smart new bedding and throw a few cushions on the bed for effect. If the carpet is a bit worn, buy a new rug to cover the threadbare bits. Finally, place some fresh flowers in a vase to give the room a lovely floral scent.

Painting and Decorating

You probably wont have time to go too mad before your in-laws arrive, but if they give you a decent amount of notice of their impending visit, it might be a good idea to give the main rooms a coat of fresh paint. The hallway is the best place to start if you have the time, as this the first room visitors see. Paint your hall a nice light shade and see what a difference it makes.

Add Some Ambience

When time is of the essence, just add a few touches of colour to the main rooms to create some extra ambience. Some nice cushions, a throw on the sofa or a vase or two of flowers will lift a room and help to distract from the scuff marks on the floor and the bald patches on the sofa.

You dont need to spend a fortune to impress your in-laws. If all else fails, find out in advance what their favourite drink is and make sure you have a few bottles in the cupboard, just in case things begin to go awry.