Most Fantastic Staircases in the World

Every day most of us trudge up and down our humble stairs, yet we pay no attention to them at all. It is time to sit up and recognise the ingenuity of the staircase and the beauty of a design that we are all guilty of taking for granted.

The Vatican Museum, Rome
The Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy, is concerned with all things religious. Many people go along to gaze at the artefacts of Popes past or the classical paintings depicting religious scenes. One surprising architectural feature of the museum is the staircase in the centre of the museum. The shape is confounding. Looking down upon it, it is almost like a seashell with its double helix shape. It is a great example of how wonderful design can almost be seen as a work of art.

Vatican Museum stairs

Hogwarts School
Ok, these stairs are not actually set in reality but let’s not be too pedantic about this. The stairs have made the list as the idea behind them is simply amazing. set in the gothic halls of Harry Potter’s famous school, the stairs lead the pupils up to their dorms, amongst other spooky locations within the school. The stairs move as they feel, making access to places within the school wholly reliant upon whether the stairs have moved or not. Genius!

Hogwarts moving staircase?

Lello Bookshop
This bookshop was opened in 1906 and has a rather magical interior. The whole shop was built using neo-gothic inspiration a its design theme. The staircase dominates the shop and is placed centrally, splitting at the stairwells to make it two sets of stairs.. Not only is the position impressive but also the illusion that he two staircases are leading into the ground is purveyed using fantastic design skills. The stairs are bright red and they are certainly worth a trip to Porto in Portugal to see how great they actually are.

Escaliers de librairie de Diagon Alley

Palais Garnier, Paris
The grand sweeping entrance of a staircase is all the more impressive when the surroundings are befitting of royalty. The staircase in the Palais Garnier are a fabulous concoction of stylish marble steps, turn of the century lighting and two staircases coming together to form a very beautiful and very wide final descent into the palace. It is unrivalled in the design world for its timeless elegance.

Palais Garnier

Armani Store, New York
The design of these stairs brings to mind twirling ribbon as they flow between the floors of the shop. Looking closely at the design, there is a wonderful way of dealing with a mundane task of transporting people from floor to floor.

Armani Store 5th ave

These are all staircases that the world adores. The humble stairs at home may be practical enough for your kids to run up and down, your stairlift to transport you to your bedroom or just a plain old set of stairs to conquer at bedtime but whatever they are, appreciate them!